• I'm shackled to the earth,
    my freedom taken away.
    No were to move or go,
    no where to run with the wind.
    Impossible to be free.

    I'm bound to the earth,
    forced to be captive.
    Freedom is what I wish
    freedom is what I want.
    My freedom is in my head,
    a world that can never be obtained.

    I'm trapped on this damned planet,
    my soul contained in a body that doesn't feel like mine.
    I'm a prisoner, forced to never obtain my dreams,
    forced to live in a false fantasy.

    I can never become free,
    never to have hope to live my true life.
    If I could have one true wish it would be:
    for me and anyone else who shares the feelings of being trapped,
    to have true freedom.