• "Okay now that funny thing is over kagome higurashi is goig to sing her song:Lunar Flights"Said the annoucer.

    "MUahaha!!We got you that time inubaka-onii-chan!"Aika laughed but after they heared the name their eyes widen.

    "Oh my Is it really her?"Kira asked.

    "One way to know..."Kizume said as she was turning her head slowly and opening her eyes and her eyes widen,"It IS her!"

    "After all these years she returned!"MIka said.

    "Okay inubaka-onii-chan you tell her how you really feel about her or we'll beat you up silly!"Mika and aika threatend him.

    "WOULD YOU GUYS BE QUEIT!?"Shouted the host while they nodded,"You may begin"

    At the Begining of the night
    when the moon is up bright
    In the clear night sky
    It's a lunar flight

    When the sky is pure blue
    I know when to start
    the lunar flight

    In the night of the full moon
    the time of the lunar flight
    copetition begins
    so better watch out

    when the night sky is cloudy
    you cannot fly
    your power has gone away
    oh why?

    The times you thought you never knew
    what happened to you on that day
    when the moon shines up above
    thats when you know you'll shine
    like the stars moon and sun

    Oh yeah
    Above in the night
    you shine like the moon stars and sun

    When the moonlight points to you
    you know that your que
    to shine...

    thats how the lunar flight's done

    Aduiance claps and screams

    "Well that was a amazing!Up next Inuyasha tashio--Don't leave me"Said the annoucer.
    Inuyasha:Muahah I'm outta that maid dress
    Me:Maybe but me mika and aika still own you : P
    Inuyasha:I hate you 3
    Inuyasha:*Cowers in fear* Don't kill me!!!!*goes on stage*
    Me:Good!Now see ya on the next song!