• why do i think of you, my dear?
    when the one i love still sits right here?
    why am i tortured by your voice?
    when it was you who made the choice?

    you broke my heart, this is true,
    so why do i still think of you?
    the boy gets up; its time we fled
    i must go find my lonely bed

    why do i lay awake at night
    and think of you while dreams take flight?
    maybe i love you, could it be so?
    no, i love him, not you, no!

    so shall i run away from this?
    for love's a target i'll surely miss
    shall i replace one salty tear
    for an ocean, blue and clear?

    but as i lie between dream and waking
    i hear a tap; a risk you're taking
    an open window that you jumped in
    though seeing you would be a sin

    we love each other, this i know
    even though you decided to go
    i'll tell him soon that it didn't work out
    because you love me without a doubt.