• the trees sway softly as the wind blows

    and the sun casts shadow on the sharp corners of the epitaghs

    of the lost and forgotten soldiers and lovers

    the resting place of broken children and beloved mothers

    The grass is bright and vivid

    softened by the tears and hard foot steps of the moarners

    flowers whisper the secrets of faded words

    losing their meanings as the days wear them down

    an unsettling silence comes from this place

    telling you that it is a place of sadness

    Though it is also a place of new beginnings

    vita non est vivere sed valere vit est

    life is more than merely staying alive

    i believe something more lies beyond the horizon

    as the sun slowly fades and the stones theth to shimmer

    something cold and fresh fills the air

    and the night closes in

    locking in all of the mysterious

    concealing the secrets of these hollow and resting souls

    mislaid in a unheard song of an everlasting irony

    yet peace be here as well as hope and love

    as the sun shines down on the grave yard

    the cenotaphs gleam proudly in a place of unknown soldiers

    and the virgin mother looks fondly apon the sanctums of fallen children

    the wind whistles and whispers in your ears

    as the sun shines apon

    the beloved, the hated, the cherished, the missed

    the souls of all who have found something more than this

    heart Kitii Gato