• His love is far away but she can feel it
    his words so near to her heart
    She almost sheds tears
    thinks about him constantly and wonder where he is
    try to forget
    love unexplained
    not meant to ast forever but she still feels the same
    romantic times imagined
    hand and hand; touch to touch
    his Angel, her Love
    as they lay in her clouded bed
    dreaming into each others eyes
    her eyes drift away but his love draws them back
    light surroundes their heavenly sancuary
    hes mystified; inchanted by her beauty
    shes hypnotized; inclined to get his love
    together they lay taking in each other
    wondering if they'll find anoher
    time freezes in his mind
    even time stood still to hear their laugh chime
    they stay so far way yet they are so close
    her thoughts, his love even makes cupid boast