• The time rolls you lick your lips
    The emptiness is shared with a kiss
    Trapped inside a continuum
    From your emptiness you run..
    They are waiting for you here,
    my dear
    Like a firefly trapped in a glass,
    Searching for an air of relief
    Can't believe...
    Can't escape…can't find your way
    out of here...my dear
    You're running in your sleep
    And you can't breathe, so sit my dear…
    Catch your breath...
    Rest your hand
    upon my hand
    Take a drag, from the emptiness,
    you lag
    And wild beast & dragon teeth
    feast upon your nightmares
    (that are all to real)

    They are waiting for you...here,
    My dear
    You can't hide here..my dear
    or this will be the last kiss for you
    ..the last kiss for you

    © 2008, Angi. All rights reserved.
    No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.