• He hunts me
    I can smell the satin lace
    Foreign thoughts permeate my brain
    They quickly fade
    Like smoke in the wind
    Trees are rushing past me now
    Glancing at the sky, the canopy hides my view
    But I still feel it, the pregnant moon
    My eyes dilate as the adrenaline increases
    He is close
    The sounds of his breaths assault me
    I hear it as if it is at my side
    Deeper within the dark wood, his smell changes
    The musky scent of fear
    Perhaps he know now the prey is him
    The hunter now graces my sight
    But unseen am I to him, hiding within shade
    A joyful sound erupts from my throat
    I cannot help it, and he hears
    He faces me now but still I am unseen
    The blade in his hand shivers
    Closer, closer, I stalk him
    Again the foreign things enter my mind
    I lose focus, stumble, and he knows my place
    He bolts, and his fear burns through my nostrils
    Finally the blood lust takes over
    The chase has begun.

    He could be taken easily, but I let him run
    He is already tiring
    We burst into a clearing; he falls, panting
    He can run no longer from me
    Sauntering up to the man, I stop before him
    Baring my teeth in a bestial smile
    The moon glints off the pointed fangs
    Suddenly pain lances through me
    I scream, the sound torn from my throat
    A sound of rage and pain, a bestial roar.
    In my glory, I failed to keep my guard
    His blade cut deep into my muscled thigh
    He gears up to strike again, trying for a fatal blow
    I flex my claws and tear through his hand
    Now it is his turn to scream
    And then the changes begin

    To my surprise, his body begins to contort
    The sound of rearranging bones, crack through the air
    I realize my prey is like myself
    And yet only a pup
    Upon his metamorphosis, he lunges
    By the unfamiliar motion
    It shows just how much of a new blood he is
    It is almost a shame I must put him down
    But he betrays his own
    We grapple, rolling across the grassy floor
    Teeth gnashing and claws slashing
    The sickly sweet smell of his blood fuels me
    I tear at his chest, his arms, his legs.
    Then I tear at his eyes
    His cries echoing through the air
    Glancing up, red eyes watch us
    My brothers and sisters of the darkness
    In my peripheral vision, I see him try to escape
    My claws find his back and I rip down
    Though his wounds are great, he holds onto his spark of life
    And I tear out his throat, savoring the sweet taste of his flesh
    Staring up at the ivory moon, I call to it
    My brethren mimic me
    Our sounds combine,
    A beautiful and haunting melody
    A glorified victory,
    Our Moonlight Waltz