• Blood like tears raining down, silent, as they hit the ground.
    One quick slash was all it took and soon my life will end.
    I will not be sorely missed, but for a little while and all shall forget with time.
    My name, my face, my memory will quickly fade away, till I’m nothing more then mist.
    One drop first and then another, again and again the blood and tears hit the ground and mix together.
    I’m all alone in this world, no-one will miss this broken girl.
    Just a lost and wandering soul, searching for the light.
    So I will end the dark today, as my life slowly slips away.
    Bloody tears all around, a puddle there on the ground.
    As time moves on, I drift away farther from this world.
    I wish that I had told you, just what you mean to me.
    Then maybe, you wouldn’t have said goodbye,
    And left me here to cry.
    (Side note: I hate this verse)
    A broken girl, lost in this world, about to end her life.
    If only someone could have seen just what this life did to me, I might not be here now.
    But no-one did and now here I am, standing all alone.
    On the brink of life and death,
    Slowly falling to the night.
    I breathe in and I breathe out, each breath harder then the last.
    I know my time now is almost over, as I slide down the wall.
    Now I see my blood and tears and wonder, maybe, was this the thing to do?
    Too late now,
    I think its time,
    And I realize I should have said goodbye.
    I breathe again and close my eyes, knowing they will never open.
    I drift away in an endless sleep.
    And softly say Goodbye.
    Goodbye my friends, my family,
    Goodbye my life…
    And my love.

    By Amber Shattuck