• Shattered mirror judging me
    Even though you now lay shattered and weak
    You still stare at me with the utmost disgust.
    For you I have-
    Cut off my ears,
    So you can hear my insanity.
    I have sliced off my nose,
    So you can smell my fear.
    I've ripped out my tongue,
    So you can taste my weakness.
    I tore out my eyes,
    So you can gaze upon my darkest secrets.
    And I have removed my hands,
    So you can touch my vileness.
    But why do you still need to taunt me?
    Haven't I proved myself loyal?
    Why can't you look through my oozing discrepencies?
    Maybe, after years of brutal torment,
    You, too, have become a mere shadow of yourself.
    And I feel sorry for you.