• To you, a little speck is all I am in this world.
    Who really cares about me this stupid little girl.
    I hated how you treated me
    and the mind games you'd always play.
    To me its mental abuse but you don't see it that way.
    Now i'm an adult, yet you still treat me so small
    when in all reality, compared to you,
    i'm extremely tall.
    Who I am, what I do.
    I could become famous
    but it wouldn't matter to you.
    We could give you all the love in the world
    but it means nothing.
    You'd rather have his "love".
    Doesn't our love for you mean something?
    The pain inflicted on you is given to us tenfold.
    Why give it to us?
    You make us afraid to ever get old.
    But out of all, the most you hate is me.
    No matter what I do...
    is there even a way for me to make you happy?
    I've come to realize you hate my guts
    but you have no courage to say it to me
    cause all you want is my false trust.