• Are the insane really sane?
    And the rest of us suffer insanity?

    Are the vain really not vain?
    And the rest of us suffer vanity?

    Are the fragile truly the strongest?
    And the rest of us are just porcelain creatures?

    Are the unsightly really beautiful?
    And we will suffer for our uglier features?

    I guess the answer is within,
    Not what you see from the outside,
    Such as a man you think is self hating,
    But he has a Lion's pride.

    Judging books by their covers,
    May be something of human nature,
    But in the circumstance of human life,
    We will have to leave it until after departure.

    For in heaven the ugly are beautiful,
    And the evil are the purest of all,
    Those who always drop rise to the occasion,
    And never again do they fall.