• I don't know how to tell you this
    I don't even know where to start
    Its like the silver kiss
    you used to rip out my heart
    My eyes are sore and swollen
    the pain of all these tears
    Now I'm all alone
    like I have been for years

    At night i can't sleep
    in fear i'll scream out your name
    trying not to weep
    nothing will ever be the same
    My fragile frame is struggling
    as i begin to wither away
    envying the couples snuggling
    knowing I've gone astray

    don't bother scrutinizing
    my devilish ways
    you're the one infecting
    all of my better days
    Is it so hard to see?
    to look into my eyes
    what you've done to me
    can't you hear my cries?

    Now as I lie here in bed
    I think of someone new
    he's taken over my head
    he's better than you
    my heart is slowly recovering
    as i grow immune to the pain
    but as he is loving
    he's the injection that makes me sane

    the disease that takes over
    but causes you no harm
    like a childs mother
    caressing you within an arm
    now as i lie here
    my thoughts of you fade
    not shedding a single tear
    for the pain you might have made

    the treatment has started
    and i'm doing well
    we've already parted
    as i've wanted to yell