• i watch the red, warm liquid flow from my wrists.
    with my blood i paint the roses red.
    it drips to the ground, melting the snow.
    there is a beauty to it.
    all of my fears are melting away,
    along with my life.
    the years of pain have finaly paid off.
    i fall to the ground,
    feeling the cold snow beneath me.
    i become like the snow,
    white and cold.
    soon, i will become part of the earth. i hear you come up behind me.
    you lay my head in your lap.
    i see your sad face.
    i ask you to smile.
    the last thing i see is your smiling face, my love.
    tears running down.
    as you give me one last kiss,
    a single tear runs down my face.
    soon after i am gone,
    through your tears, you notice a note i left you in the snow: