• Oh little bird
    Why must you be so absurd?
    The world isn’t as much of a crapper
    As you may think
    Look at it through eyes of a wise-guy
    And fend it off with a little laughter

    Oh little bird
    You have so much rage
    But feel free to let it out
    It’s no good to
    Always coop it up in your cage
    Give the world heck
    Oh we know those who deserve it
    Go ahead
    Wring their necks
    Chastise them for being so perverted!

    Must you always squawk?
    There really is no end
    To your relentless non-conformist talk
    Is there?
    You don’t care what people think of you
    And good for you

    The population of the world
    Is occupied by fools
    Except for some

    And for those few
    May they stay in the kingdom
    The empire of consciousness
    Of which knowledge and free speech
    Is overflowing
    And the rant is ongoing
    And not being sucked dry
    By society’s leaches

    Let your voice ring out
    Shout your opinions!
    Raise a fist!
    Unleash your can of whoopass
    Forget about "proper conditions"

    Oh little bird
    Now do you feel better?
    All your angst is released
    And your mind is finally mended together
    Continue to be a fireball
    Burning bright among all
    Don't put up with the crap that is thrown your way
    Say what you feel
    Don’t let people get in the way

    But I suggest that
    You aspire to make your opinions count
    Because these days
    People who appear
    Nonsensical whinos
    Are always cast out