• Like everything in life,
    There's always a point when something is new.
    Whether it be breathing, touching, even seeing the world.
    I know I've done this a million times,
    But never with you...

    It feels like I'm seeing the world for the first time.
    Every detail is so brilliant, so sharp.
    The sound of the rain on the roof of my car,
    The way the sun sets,
    Even the sound a squirrel makes.
    I don't know why I haven't noticed these small things before.

    The sky is so much bluer.
    The stars are so much brighter.
    The leaves on the trees and the bushes now look like something out of a painting.

    You showed me that life can be so much more than just living.
    You showed me that the world can be beautiful deep down,
    Instead of the terrible place it has become.
    You showed me how one small thing can make a big difference.

    Before I wasn't sure if you could give me something new.
    I've been hurt before,
    And I never wanted to go back.
    But you gave me a clean slate.
    You gave me something foreign.

    And you taught me how to love again.