• I want you back
    But I fear
    The embarassment would make me crack.
    I still love you
    Unsure if you still love me
    But nowadays
    I awake to see
    A rat in every corner
    So I expected the worse
    Afraid to suffer for you
    I of course
    Hurt you and myself subconciously
    My ego and pride keep me in check
    But I want to hurl myself at you
    My life's a wreck
    I get angry at you
    For everything
    But what makes me blue
    Is that I'm angry because you are angry at me
    I'm not sure
    Oh God help me
    Close the door
    But no one ever will
    For I have hurt what might be the only innocence in here
    I admit
    Despite that this brings me to tears
    I am jealous
    Of those who get to see you
    And not feel a hole deep down
    What I love about you:
    Your looks (I know you don't think I do)
    Your laugh
    Your obnoxiousness
    Your messages
    I admit I probally make you feel I think you are not that valuble to me...
    But you were my first love
    And you'll be there forever, in my cold cold heart...