• I broke down on this dark and empty street, I was finally beat.
    My legs collapsed under my broken feet.
    I can`t believe what you said to me!
    I thought you were my friend.
    Now I think you should be damned, A phantom of doom.
    Don`t you hate yourself? See what your ******** mouth can do?
    Words hurt! Didn`t you think about that?
    You ******** little b***h. Wait you never think, You have no soul,
    No mind, No love for others.
    You say 'Oh its just elementary school' but a grudge sure can last.
    I`ll make sure your first breath will be your last.
    I will punch you,break you and hope your death will be fast.
    So then you can see what life is like a outcast.
    I can`t wait to see your face contort in to agony.
    Goodbye old friend,Goodbye.