• "Please cry out my name my love, I plead!"

    As the moonlight devours even the very end of my soul - let it be,
    I am to do anything just to see you, to be with you, to kiss you,
    For I do anything that bids the bossom of your velveting beauty,
    Everytime I try to lock this feeling, the more I crave you to call me,

    My dearest love, I'll endure even the bloodiest war just to see you,
    I will raise this sword not for honor, nor for fame, but simply for your sight,
    I have never wanted anything but to protect you, and to love you,
    Then we'll bring forth a new tomorrow that could never defy me and you,

    All my days, I have never witnessed any miracle until tonight
    Oh, Im am just a knight who is pleading the night to call out my very name,
    Oh, Im am just an ordinary man who dreams to be your loving knight,
    All be calm, the bloody war will fleet along with the beauty of the night,

    Say it Again, I plead, for your voice gives meaning to my very own name,
    For your only lips, your only heart, you and only you are all I need,
    For nothing between us could ever be tested and be trampled to shame,
    Just speak of our names and our hearts along with the love will be left untamed,

    Please cry out my name my love, I plead! Please cry out my name my love, I plead!
    For every depth of my soul, it wants nothing but you - dearest everything,
    My yearning soul, my trampled flesh, and my eager lips - you are all we need,
    Death draws near, but I'll say it again: Please cry out my name my love, I plead!