• you ask what i see?

    i see hatred. i see death.
    i see no hope. i see the end.

    end of days. i see darkness.

    i see nothing but scattered souls around me, longing, waiting to be annihilated.

    waiting for the blood to drown them.

    but what is that i see over there?

    a light?
    a light.

    the darkness fights.

    but the light wins.

    and now i see life.

    how happy they seem now.

    happy for light?
    happy for life?
    and then there are those who don't see it yet.

    why must they suffer still this agony?

    why do seconds become centuries in that tunnel?

    why does light take so long to reach the back corner?

    are they happy for sight? to see what they could only wish to see before.


    they are happy

    happy for the 'midnight sun'
    happy for the 'breaking dawn'

    and there is death no more