• I Can't Compare

    I spent my life searching
    for the source of my despair.
    Always wanting to overcome it
    but the path felt unfair.
    I often despise myself.
    I made too many mistakes.
    The me I remember
    makes me wish it was fake.
    Others have more beauty, more smarts.
    They have more talent and more perfect arts.
    This world makes me despair
    because I can't compare.

    Even sisters to one mother, daughters to one home
    we should come together but we stand alone.
    Always looking up or looking down, who is better?
    We confront but we never look inside.
    Who has less and who has more
    is all we confirmed or denied.
    Who is loved more, who is loved less?
    Who has the best face and the best dress?
    Being happy this way is just pretend,
    sustained by comparisons that never end.
    We'll become ugly inside as we vie
    and throw others down so we can ascend.

    We spend all our lives searching
    for the root of despair.
    Watered by tears till it flowers
    it can bloom anywhere.
    We must be aware...as long as we compare....
    Our hearts are ensnared.
    Hate, jealousy, despair, and despise,
    these words are all lies.
    Their root lies in one reality.
    I can't compare to you, nor can you compare to me.

    Don't look at the color of your skin.
    Don't judge by the talent you posses.
    The source of all hate, all evils
    is mitigated by comparing less.
    It's fine to have a favorite.
    It's okay to feel pained.
    But a person's happiness shouldn't depend
    only on things lost and things gained.
    It's because we feel every loss
    we believe this world is unfair.
    We live our lives on memories,
    coveting another past until despair.
    But to each their own path exists.
    We walk on unaware
    a new world exists beyond the wall
    we build when we compare.