• I pinched your ring in between my
    Thumb and forefinger,
    And pressed my lips against the cool metal.

    It smelled fake,

    The chain you strung it on
    Has worn through the silver,
    So copper spirals down its length.

    The moonlight through the windshield
    Casts shadows across my shirt.

    Four teenagers joke on the opposite end of the lot.

    The exhaust from their trucks sound throaty, modified, but
    Only one pulls away. The other two, a pair of oversized Chevys,
    Idle, the owners flirting outside.

    The man is holding the woman, and she smiles as she
    tries to push him away. If she was drunk and
    being raped,
    I wouldn’t know the difference.

    I lean back against the headrest.

    My heart jumps when your headlights turn into the drive
    It feels like twice as long as the wait.