• Even know this is not true
    I try to convince myself every day
    that when I look up into the night
    Ill see a shooting star so bright
    And il wish on that star tonight
    for all these things shall come true
    and when i wake up
    i hope to see nothing less
    then me, not you

    because your not the girl i wanna be
    your not the shinning star that i wanna see
    Your not the person i wanna be
    You dont have the life i wanna keep
    Even know my life stinks
    I rather have it then be you
    because one day, everyone will be worshiping god, not you

    As i sit apon my bed that night
    I slowly fall alsleep, alright
    As a tear falls down my face tonight
    Im glad Im me, without a fight
    Even know i cannot see
    I like it this way