• my words are strange
    but only to you
    but you know my words
    are also so true

    you just ignore me
    because you dont want to hear
    you walk away
    and grab another beer

    so daddy why do hate me
    how am i that bad?
    i'd be so much better
    if you would stop making me sad...

    your not really daddy
    so why do you treat us bad
    i need my answers
    i need them now dad

    im tired of calling you my dad
    why did you leave us here
    remeber that christmas night
    if only you saw the BLOODY tear

    im so tired of this
    just have you heard me cry??
    mom has she couldnt take it
    it made her wana die!!

    look stop and sit
    drop that stupid beer!!!
    i need you to listen
    to me and hear

    as i said before
    when i cry
    doesnt it make you
    just wana die?

    now look you didnt listen daddy
    you didnt hear
    me, and all my tears
    now you'll never be here.......

    mommy has a life now
    i had a smile today
    my friends said sorry and reminded me
    of that awfull day

    you know when you
    never came back
    you left the house for days
    and just had to get that crack

    im afraid daddy
    why cant you help me
    why did you do it?
    yesterday i couldnt see

    everyone said i was depressed
    i said "i have no answer no thoughts nothing today"
    people keep trying to talk to me
    but all i remeber is that day

    but daddy i miss your advice
    and im failing my classes
    everyone near me
    are ******** asses

    sorry for my language
    did i mention yiou missed my birthday
    mommy was sad
    i tuned thirtteen that day

    just wanted to write you this letter
    and talk to you dad
    oh yeah and also
    i havent been bad

    love you and good night
    i hope i see you soon
    ive been looking everynight
    up at the moon

    hoping you see me
    and watching me smile at you
    i hope your telling me
    "i love you two"