• Sons of Narcissus, daughters of Echo,
    To fated pools I beseech you to go-
    The place flowers grow where death has occurred,
    And twofold ignorance did the murder,
    But now there needs to be murder again,
    Against oneself and what Heaven's ordained,
    For time is unchanging, and so are we
    As we inherit father's legacy,
    And heirs of Narcissus, and of Echo,
    With damned fate as star's crossing may show,
    But not so much fates, and rather of fools,
    As fates were simply heavenly tools
    To open the eyes of man who was blind
    To all but illusions of his own mind,
    And woman who spoke only what she heard
    And nothing more, for she possessed no words,
    And with twice the person must come two deaths-
    But though there's lost life, I still must confess:
    As I listen to Echo's muse-less song,
    I cannot find this outcome to be wrong.