• Here, I begin this endless journey, falling into myself, in simple ignorance
    The wind rushes around my body as gravity sets in to pull me to a point of no return
    And as I reflect upon my choice to fade away, I turn myself back
    And wish for your consent
    I wish for your acceptance
    I wish for your company

    Here, I still fall, each second that much closer to my ultimate goal
    The thought hits my mind as the wind hits my flesh, unsettling my false serenity
    And as I ponder, too smart to simply dismiss this thought, I grasp for the sky
    And wish for your caress
    I wish for your blinding warmth
    I wish for your bittersweet embrace

    Here, I still push on, with my sovereign will, and my ultimatum draws nearer
    The truth wraps around me, stops me, as if to provide a final resolve
    And as I take my final steps, I realize
    That you were always there for me
    Your smile imprinted on my heart forever
    Your spirit there to be my muse

    Here, I take my final breath, my new life to begin shortly
    The air settled, to reflect my simple state of mind
    And as I pass on to forgiveness
    I see you there
    I see you welcome me
    I see you smile
    And I smile too