• Deceit: A Wolf in Sheep's Skin

    The mask evil wears.
    Hideous lies, so beautiful to our eyes.
    The sheep skin is on.
    A wolf prowling as the lamb.

    The truth is dark,
    But defeat is black.
    When pain becomes your light,
    It has conquered. It has won.

    How does it feel…
    To want to die?
    What is it like…
    To have no tears to cry?

    When did you give up the will to live?
    Where does the hurt of no hope…
    …finally end?

    Is that all you can feel…
    -Your own inflictions?

    Crimson blood,
    Along your wrist.
    Gashes across
    Your vein.
    Does it end your pain?

    Do not submit.
    Do not give in.

    Evil wears a mask,
    The wolf is in his guise.
    Can you see past the lies?