• What a day what a day! She says yelling out the window as she is thinks of her bad and good times.
    Thump thump thump thump its getting closer and closer. But what what what is it. thump thum thump.

    A day goes by shes standing there. Thump thump thump. climbing up the stairs thump thump thump.

    In a flash the life was tookin by her.

    Day after day she lies there Thump thump thump.

    Shes gone today im sad to say. Shes gone gone gone in a bright light place.

    Gone gone gone I say gone gone dead today.

    What a day,It sure was a day of death, a day of pain!

    What sweet sarrow of the poor girl dead in a flash all on that day, thump thump thump. A girls little life all tooken away.