• Such a day of sadness
    I am left with no words
    No way out
    No hope
    No wish
    No prayer
    Nothing to keep me going
    To push me forward
    The day's light
    Does northing but blind my eyes
    The love others feel
    Never shown to me
    I smile
    So people think I'm okay
    You know me so well
    You say
    Yet even you
    Can not see past my charade
    Past my many lies
    I love
    I laugh
    But look in my eyes
    Two dark pits
    That is where my depression resides
    I keep it locked up
    So you don't have to deal with it
    But I know it's there
    And it leaves me broken
    So many days
    This has gone on
    Too many
    I've lost count
    The days have leaked in to weeks
    In to months
    In to so many gray years
    My heart is weak
    I want to give up
    Want to give in
    With tears ever falling
    And whispers never heard
    I welcome the coming twilight
    The approaching night
    And with one last look at the unforgiving world around me
    One last look at the darkening sky
    I scream
    For I know I won't be heard either way
    I give myself to the night
    And softly in my head
    Plays a bittersweet melody
    I hum along
    And as I lay my head down
    As I draw the dark's cloak around me
    I cry
    The night's shadow
    Has been cast upon mine eyes
    Sleep is such sweet relief
    From the day's reality
    But I know
    It will all begin agian tomorrow
    Forever the same