• You told me you liked me

    Which made my heart soar.

    Then you told me you hated me

    And it made my heart break once more.

    As I stand atop this hill,

    I wonder,

    'Did he tell the truth, or not?'

    My eyes are wet from tears

    And my ears ring with sobs.

    You left me bleeding here,

    Now all I can do is wallow in my agony.

    As the sun sets

    With colors of violet and orange and pink,

    Your shadow over shades mine.

    You smile down at me

    With admiration in your eyes,

    And hold out your hand.

    All I can taste is sand in my mouth

    As you pull me up to my feet

    And when you embrace me, I wonder,

    'Does he want me here to keep?'

    Dispite my doubt,

    I wrap my arms around your torso

    And bury my face in your chest.

    I don't care if you leave me once again,

    All I want is to ear your sweet voice whisper,

    "I love you," in my ear,

    And that would be good enough for me.