• think bout your worst fear
    you can hear it in ur ear
    your screams a terror will never be heard
    no mater how meny times you scream the word
    over and over you see it around you
    it repeats just to scare you
    here it begins agin
    its like liveing in hell over and over agin
    i laugh at your horified screams
    to me its like having a dream
    liveing your fears,what a way to die
    all i hear is how much your cry
    it seems mean and unfair
    but ur the one whos fear is there
    it repeats for the thousnds time
    now enjoy this little rym
    fear is what you want to never happen
    but it will over and over agin
    sooner or later we'er all gonna die
    just for get your fears and dont cry
    fear is just the alushone of death in your own way
    now go to sleep and see yours fears play
    thank you and plz dont have nightmares srry if u got scared plz coment blaugh