• the young ones,
    always taken young,
    to the castle they go,
    train to be knights they will,
    an honorable job needless to say,
    but what of they?
    who are left behind?
    many days they travel,
    across the country,
    over fields,.
    through forests,
    the young ones look upon they castle walls with fear,
    what do they do?
    why do they have to train?
    to be the kings servants,
    his army,
    his guards,
    protectors of the common man,
    for years they train,
    train with the best,
    when the day comes,
    they pass their test,
    when one receives his post,
    "to the village in the west you shall go,
    protect the miners is your job,
    do not come back until summoned",
    for days and weeks he traveled,
    forward to his target,
    when he arrives he is greeted with respect,
    respect due to his post,
    over time he is friends with most,
    he meets a girl,
    she lives in the mountains,
    away from the people of the town,
    a cursed fate she has,
    doomed to bring misfortune to all around her,
    not caring the young one approaches her,
    asking her name,
    "Chesa" she replies
    many years have passed,
    and wishing to wed the maiden he toils for money,
    but no money is to be found,
    the money is for the dead,
    many miners died,
    for their was a gas leak in the mine,
    a band of thugs offer work,
    unknowing he accepts,
    the next day they were to pillage the village,
    take the valuables,
    burn the houses,
    rape the women,
    and kill the men,
    fearing for his friends he seeks to rally them,
    but they wish not to fight,
    they will solve things on their terms,
    frantic he pleads with them all,
    none accept,
    to spare them from their fate he does the one thing he can,
    he kills them,
    all while they sleep,
    when he is done he heads to the mine,
    his treachery now well known,
    they bandits with rage, into the mine they fight,
    the young one running deeper into the mine,
    he turns to confront them,
    felling five of the heathens,
    he cant go on,
    he is much to tired,
    striking the wall,
    again and again he strikes,
    making many sparks,
    he smiles,
    as the bandits scream in pain,
    the mine collapses,
    the young one dieing,
    with a smile on his face,
    watching the heathens burn,
    his only regret,
    is the death of the village,
    it was all in vain,
    his life caused much pain,
    he caused pain to the end...