• There is no light
    There are no doors
    All I feel is the floor
    And these walls
    They are thick
    Pulsating quite quick
    I stumble
    I fall
    This place makes me feel small
    I have never been here before
    But for some reason, I want to explore
    What is this place?
    I get up and start to pace
    Wondering, thinking and trying to know
    But all of a sudden
    This place starts to glow
    I see it, the light
    And it shines oh so very bright
    Bright, bright red
    Please tell me I haven’t lost my head.
    No, it couldn’t be
    This place where I am…its…its beating…
    Thump….thump….is the sound it makes
    This thing so fragile, I’m so scared to break
    Now I know of its sound
    This place is where I’m bound
    Its owner took me and locked me in
    To be in here, is my greatest sin
    So here I stay
    I won’t be too far away
    Inside of this new land
    In your Heart is where I stand.