• Put your hands up in the air
    Sway them like you don’t care
    Have no fear
    For Pepsiman is here
    He comes from afar
    In this his Pepsi can of a car
    Wheels turning
    Rubber burning
    He’s always jiving
    Ever striving
    To find Dr. Coke’s lair
    Floating in midair
    No one knows where
    But one thing’s for sure
    It’s everything but pure

    Signal lighted
    Person blighted
    Dr. Coke has struck
    He leaves his muck
    He waits for the man
    With the great big plan
    To rid him from this earth
    As if from nothing
    Never bluffing
    Fast as the speed of light
    Pepsiman comes to fight
    With a clench of the fist
    He’s ready to assist

    Coke is just a clown
    A clown with a frown
    Who will soon be out of town
    And when his work is done
    He can put on a smirk and run
    Into the distance
    He needs no assistance
    For he has the most persistence.