• I was played!
    I was tricked!
    And for all these boys...
    they make me sick.

    They ask you out...
    to be your boyfriend.
    And all of them do it!
    It's like there's no end.

    You think you like them.
    But then you see
    all of the things
    they've been hiding.

    Is there anyone in the world
    that I can trust?
    Or will I be the one
    left in the dust?

    Nothings right
    about what they do.
    They hurt so many girls.
    And if it happens to you...

    Tell them off!
    Make them learn
    that if they play with us,
    they'll crash and burn.

    But for the boys who are good...
    keep them in your hearts.
    Do not let them go
    or let them drift apart.