• If I could wish.
    I would wish to find MY Prince.
    I would wish that he was you.
    I would wish that you would love me,
    and everyone would accept you.

    But dear boy, may I ask, why do you not
    love me? For you see, no one could ever
    love you more than me.

    I know that you do not see me. For there
    are many fish in the sea. Most of which are
    prettier than me. And I know you are not blind,
    so why wont you notice me? I love you, more than
    any other can. So please help me, for I do not

    cry for you, I would die for you. Whatever would
    it take? Maybe ever knowing you, was my first
    and biggest mistake.

    I should have told you sooner, I should have let you
    know. But I always believed that it was better late
    than never, right?

    11:11 and I whisper your name