• How?

    How is it that I can
    Love someone I've never meet?
    How is it that I can
    Feel like I have known them my
    Entire life, but yet
    never laid an eye on them?
    How is it that you can make
    Me feel loved but noone
    Else can?
    Is it fait?
    Is it destiny?
    Or is it just by chance?
    Well whatever the cause is,
    Im glad that I have you.
    Cause without you I would never
    Feel loved,
    Feel known,
    Feel like someone in the world couldn't
    Live without them knowing me.
    You have kept my head in the clouds,
    And not in the ground.
    You have kept the urge at bay,
    And not in vein.
    You have kept the knife away,
    And not in my hand.
    And.. You have loved me
    For only me, for yet
    You love me,
    Even though you have never meet me.
    You know me,
    But you have never seen me.
    And, you are loving me,
    And only you will ever truly love