• there you were standen there
    i saw your wonderful hair
    i said hello
    you nice fello

    we talked and talked
    then we walked
    then i found out
    an did shout

    you had a girlfriend
    someone yo could tend
    you replaced me with her
    im such a cur

    for thinking i had you
    what am i gona do
    we had lots in commen
    a lot better then rammen

    i really liked you
    now what to do
    she has everything
    i bet she can sing

    hope she makes you happy
    im bein so sappy
    please come back
    with out you i lack

    theres so much sappyness
    im so sory
    but its hard to talk to you

    i try to smile
    its so damn hard when shes around
    good bye

    you love someone else