• I seem fraile as a flower at times
    weak, something that if you step on
    i'll just fade away quickly.
    i trust you, so dont make me fade more
    my heart is fragile as porcleain.
    it has to get constantly fixed.
    so many pieces its been broken into
    i gave you my heart. please dont shatter it.
    Hope for me is like a candle
    if you blow it out its gone.
    when the fire burns out my lifes like darkness
    so dont blow it out, or you have put my life into darkness.
    it seems little things in life such as hope, love, and trust
    can make us weak.
    that is how it is for me.
    im not strong, but im gonna hold my head high
    im proud of who i am, so i wont cry.
    so dont try to change me, hurt me, or break me.
    little things just dont event try