• This room I call my own, is a home on its own.
    Its thick walls protect me for the world outside.

    New cloths hang silently within my closet,
    Alien and strange as a girl in a boy's locker room.
    I dawn something I love, its worn and torn like me.
    My things are scattered about, telling me stories.
    A photograph shines in its' glory.

    My hands rest beside it and I remember I'm alive.
    Inside this room of mine my heart and soul are free,
    They fly beyond my roof top past the sea of tears,
    Beyond this horrid life, To a place I hold dear.

    Pain ebbs and flows like a constant tide,
    But here within these four walls
    I know someone, my love, come.

    She comes by night and whispers in my ears as music dances in the air.
    She tells me that someday,
    Though when and how she does not know,
    I will be free.

    Her face, alas I cannot see her.
    Within this room I hear her voice call me out of my despair.
    So I hold this place dear,
    Because it is here that I fell her near