• Run away from your fears,
    Hide away your lonely tears,
    listen to your heart's desire,
    house the flame, feed the fire...

    Leave your life, your soul behind,
    Erase the past from your mind.
    Live in the present, enjoy what you have,
    don't let old memories, make you sad.

    Exchange your life, trade your soul,
    Give away your life as a whole,
    Sacrifice your current home,
    If you want your devotion to be know.

    What's left of my life, is no longer mine,
    it belongs with my wife, and with that I am fine.
    It is time to relinquish, the grip on the chains,
    Mother, Father, it's time I reign.

    Unlock the binding of mother and son,
    If you keep it locked, you've still not won.
    Give me my freedom, you're holding me back,
    I'm tired of staying, in this state, in this shack.

    I'm not leaving yet, the time has not come,
    but in due time, you'll see where I'm coming from.
    It's not my mind, it's not in my heart,
    It is only by my will, we are coming apart.

    I have grown up, I've exceeded the years,
    of being your baby, my departure, it nears.
    You've raised me well, you've raised me fine,
    now it's time, I start a new life, that is mine.

    A life with the one, whom I hold dear,
    I think I have made, my point quite clear.
    I love her, to be honest, I truly do...
    Sometimes, I feel, I love her more than you.

    The world, I used to think, took orbit around me,
    now however, I have come to see...
    That it has changed, and now, my dear, you...
    are the center of my world, it is so very true.

    I have come to find, I've come to realize,
    this life is not mine, this life is a lie.
    My true life, is not here, it is there, with you...
    but right now, it is trapped, and there's not much I can do...

    So I will wait, for now, until the day,
    when I am finished, when I finally run away.
    Run away to you, the love of my 'true' life,
    the only one I want, to have as my wife.

    This, I feel, to be completely true,
    I WANT to run away, I WANT to be with you...
    you know who you are, and this is how I feel,
    all of these words I mean, and are all very real...

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