• It's true that Hate is a strong word,
    But isn't love a strong word too?
    Hate is a very strong word.
    It causes us to do the horrible things we do.

    Is it possible to hate someone with a passion?
    Not knowing what the reason may be?
    Is it possible to love someone with a passion?
    And know that they are fake underneath?

    Guys say things that make a girl happy, like the words “I love you”
    later on you find your self dreaming only happy thoughts.
    They say they were always lost until they had found you.
    But one day they will say the suicidal words “sorry but let’s break up”

    He gives you and excuse like “I just don’t want to hurt you”
    You yell at him, you say I hate you, and you scream
    Having everyone around listening, all eyes are on you
    You say what you have to say, you walk off making a scene

    Is it possible to ever really hate anyone for anything they ever done?
    Is it possible to never forgive that certain someone?
    Do you think the hate you feel is really hate?
    Or is it dislike for someone, it’s just because you don't know how to relate?

    Hate and Love two powerful words.
    Often used in a sentence always with each other
    Tossed around, using it everyday
    The meaning they stand for had been washed away.

    You can never officially say you love or hate someone.
    To truly hate someone, they had to hurt you in a certain way
    You can only hate the person, you once loved
    How weird the words “hate” and “love” ties with each other in a confusing way.