• She's out of breath, she tripped and fell,
    she has to out run it, this one last hell.
    She falls, she stumbles, she can't go on,
    but then she sees that her fears have won.
    The terror inside screams up through her yells.
    No one can save her from the depths that she dwells.
    Her lost confusion brings terror to her mind,
    she doesn't breathe because of this too thick bind.
    Where are those gate that they promised her?
    Was it all a hoax, a cruel sick lure?
    She frantically searches for those gates, they’re all she has left!
    But the demons are all shrewd and quit deft.
    They've been messing with her mind and they will never stop.
    This cripples her soul, to the ground her being does drop.
    She cries out in fear, for those gates promised don't appear.
    The shadows around her dance and twirl, bathing in her fear.
    The last of her hope has almost disappeared.
    But then through the fog she sees a shinning light.
    It begins to illuminate the Forrest and night.
    She soon realizes that the light has begun to take form,
    and now the harsh cold winds that whip her begin to feel warm.
    And now she sees the light is the very gates she was looking for!
    She gets up from the ground and walks to the gate hoping for more.
    Her hand clutches the gate and she shakes it to the core.
    She again starts to weep, but this time for the happiness that wasn’t there before.
    And now the gates open and she finally can get up and move on.
    And now her soul is at rest and will start anew, for she has battled the tribulations of life, and finally won.