Bitter cold, sapping away precious moments
    Starlight... shines upon your face
    You faded away in my dreams that night
    Lost, without a trace.

    Entangled in your web of lies, the promises you broke
    Revealed in the stillness of the night
    And the words, those beautiful words you spoke
    Covered my eyes to the harsh reality, it just wasn't right

    Let me know if you have found your peace
    The goal you were so desperate to achieve
    You were always selfless, I'll admit, but
    I never thought you would leave...

    Over now, I suffer in my solitude
    Never again shall I love
    It all seems so hopeless now, however
    I refuse to say my unspoken words were not true

    Veracious to a point
    Or at least I thought you were
    My everything, my shining knight
    Living without you, it is absurd

    Every time I hear that song, I die a little more
    It was once music to my ears, everything I cherished
    The skies are always grey now, but I can still see the shore.
    I held you tight enough to suffocate... was I too selfish?

    Days pass, blurred and insignificant
    Has it already been a year?
    I'll never forgive you, I give my word
    See you in hell, my dear