• Goodbye fair world,

    I knew you not,

    For I lived in pain, misery and distrot.

    I shall bury my body and my sin,

    Deep in the Earth so no light shall shine in.

    I am gone now, my body witherd and decayed,

    This was the price...my soul had to be paid.

    To all those above, as I lay below,

    I began to wonder, "Did you really know?"

    Did you know the pain I truely felt?

    Could you see the scars from every welt?

    Would you find the guilt within my eyes,

    As I sat before you, spinning my lies?

    Dear 'Friend', I call you, here is my dismay,

    Look not upon me in that caring way.

    I can feel in your heart, the worry and dread,

    Fear not dear 'Friend', for I am already dead.

    Shead not a tear, where my body be lain,

    For upon your life, I was a dismal stain.

    Breathe happily within your burdend chest,

    For in my tomb, I sleep the sleepless rest.