• All in Time

    She touches the little box in her pocket and smiles,
    slightly, softly.
    The corners of her mouth twitch up,
    and the flames in her eyes hold a point in the distance,
    relentlessly, determinedly.

    Absentmindedly, she strokes the velvet -
    a grisly caress, in the confines of her pocket.
    The lid falls open
    carelessly, suddenly.
    She reaches inside the terrible box,
    and runs her finger over the, breakable, breakable object.
    Slowly, lovingly.

    She pulls out the darkened window to his soul.
    The eye of her lover,
    still fresh.
    She makes believe it still gazes,
    devoted as if living.
    He would never forget,
    a part of him was hers.
    Not yet his heart…but all in time.
    She reached for the bigger box, and smiled.