• A broken,hungry man trys to find something to eat.

    A woman being enslaved into something she doesnt want to be.
    A little boy crying for his mother when he already knows that shes been taken away by some demented freak.

    Poverty,sickness,perversity,and hunger.
    the young wishing they would be older
    and the old wishing they were younger.

    What is this system making us believe?
    They are making monsters out of you and me.
    They are making us suffer by saying that we cant achieve.
    Here is your picket fence,your broken dream.
    This is your destiny.

    I have heard enough of a change we can believe in,
    where the child can have a higher education if she is taught to be a lesbian.
    Is this your american dream oh human being?

    Is it not a crime to be stealing?

    Then why is the system stealing from what is not theirs?
    They think that nobody cares.
    But we do care,and we are angry
    The system is tearing up our families.
    We need to fight against it with every last breath
    Or steal from it even if we suffer death.