• Where have they been?
    Where have they been?

    The hopes and dreams we all put so much weight in,
    our feelings and everything we fight to defend,
    What we long and search for and try so hard to obtain,
    when even nothing but scars of memories remain,

    Why try!? I yell into the night air,
    breathe laden hell pushing into my chest,
    death seems such a convincing solution to my creed,
    Giving up is just one more way to succeed,

    Fleeting images of lives long past,
    raped by gods who were never there,
    crying convulsions writhing on the floor,
    dying slowly, natures unloving whore!

    Passing away in dry desolation,
    Trying to call out for help,
    but smothered by pain,
    blood seeping from the minds eye,

    Pointless desperation screeching in my ears!
    Waylaid passion erupting in paranoid fears!
    Death, life, emotion, all of it meaningless!
    I just drift on in a sea of disgust and woe...

    Murderous crow
    pecking at eyes,
    heart shattering cysts,
    things we call thoughts...

    Tearing apart at any seam,
    cast out into the fiery aether,
    let loose upon our own isolated apocalypse...
    drowning in the pile of fetal waste we claim as faith,

    Rage can only push so far,
    the demented price we are all so eager to pay,
    gashes in the soul, grinding whole,
    black casket called a home,

    Death is perhaps the final freedom,
    the one and only answer,
    to any question ever risen in misery,
    To live is to only die, for a little while,

    the cauterized wound drips ash for eternity,
    a puddle on the tile,
    gray smoke, sour,

    Rocking back and forth,
    weeping alone,
    We are all alone!

    Infected with the only fatal diseases,
    it casts us away as it pleases,

    Rusted knife jabbing holes in our decaying bodies,
    as we are prepared for the demonic, embryonic feast,

    Spiritual crucifix, dismembered torso,
    unsterilized cauldron,
    to roast the meat,
    sick sarcasm glinting in the cooks eyes,
    As he lays us down to die,

    There is truly nothing,
    the dust is all that is real,
    everything is illusion,
    all that we feel,

    The shell corrodes
    Everything erodes!,
    Scream for me! No one is screaming for me!
    God damn you all! Feel my torment!,
    Torture unclean!
    Pounding at the door!
    Broken hands still pounding!
    Let me out of this life-born cage!
    Let me die! Let me die! Let! me! die!

    Why won't you kill me?...

    The endless suffering,
    memorized by rote,
    rotting mental state,
    time, our suicide note,

    But it never ends,
    it rolls on like a poisonous cloud,
    billowing from the black-core sky,
    corrupting every desire,
    wrapping under the skin,
    and burning it away,
    with celestial fire!

    leaves blow by, yet never existed,
    all the hurt that was ever resisted,
    comes biting back,
    racing for an all out attack

    Our dreams cannot save us,
    Nothing can, as we rust,
    no hope, no faith, no prayer, no lie!

    We are born to die
    We are born to die...