• you thought ide never come back
    you thought i said goodbye for good
    im still here arent i
    still standing
    they thought they could break me
    they thought they could destroy everything i had
    none of you let them
    one of you listened and let me speak it
    the other smiled everyday without a word you were there
    another showed reason and kindness everyday
    without a word
    you were there
    and you cared
    you pulled me up from hell one first then the other and another
    for a while you thought there was nothing you could do
    you thought it
    and i thought it
    yet you still didnt give up
    you still didnt let the fight end
    you never stopped fighting
    while i had long since given up
    somehow you made me fight
    you didnt let me just sit there and die
    you showed me reason
    where i only saw confusion
    you showed me joy
    where i saw loneliness
    ill never get why
    but im glad
    im glad you were stubborn and didnt let me die
    you could have given up
    most would have
    i thought you would
    yet everytime i tried to leave
    you strapped me down
    you didnt let me leave
    despite my many good attempts
    im thankful now
    and im sorry i pulled away then
    so here it is
    once and for all
    the words you want to here
    "im ok"