• tab My love ...

    A man may say in most wonderous speech, that for thee, he will lay his life aside.
    tab He may say, he will walk a thousand miles just be by your side.

    A man may utter sweet nothings in your ears,
    tab He may utter soft words only your heart is meant to hear.

    A man may praise you, while drooling like a dog does.
    tab He may praise you, with endless babble like every other fool has done.

    A man may love you, He may be faithful and true,
    tab He may love you and recite sweet poetry for you.

    But I my love, have layed my life, my pride, and my ambitions aside.
    tab I have made vows and shouted them into the skies.

    Unlike every other man My Love, I have praised you in eloquent prose,
    tab With words, not babble, that my own hand has wrote.

    tab So in this, My companion and friend, I declare my love for you
    tab A love that shall last untill all the world has forgotten both me and you.