• Far From Here
    by: Alex

    Call back behind your shoulder
    You never told her you wanted to cry
    That night sitting down apon your bed
    Staring at stars well you never looked that far
    Beyond that black sheet of emptiness it all was bad
    You wanted to be noticed, but your fear had led to something so unsaid

    Black and white will fade the moment
    Show me your not broken
    (All our thoughts were so unclear)
    You know you want to sell my heart to every one you know
    All your friends from long ago are all gone
    Far from here...

    Forget a simple quote that's part of common sense
    A mere look, of your bad appearance
    That rose you left apon my bed it said so many things
    All so far (Yes all so far from here)
    Shake me here beneath the tree
    Where all the golden things
    Sealed inside that note, that said
    Do you love me? no.


    Realize whateve lies beyond your eyes
    Tell me this is real
    And please dont cry
    Falling off of clouds that come arising from your tears
    Just blinding me all these years
    I'm right here
    But so far...